Scary Stories For Kids

Scary Stories For Kids


Felipe Femur & Friends are back just in time for Halloween! They’ve come prepared with three spooky, never before heard stories that both kids and adults will enjoy: Wet, toothless Mouths; The Cursed Can Opener; and Hungry! Hungry! In the Halloween Campfire Stories app, Felipe Femur the Skeleton, Gummy the toothless werewolf, and Sunny the sun-loving vampire each have a unique, scary story to tell around the camp fire and are more than happy to tell it again and again. More friends are slated to join the party at a later time (future updates with more stories) including Runny the sniffling witch. The three current short stories range in size, as do the storytellers’ bodies, from Felipe’s brief, skeletal story, to Sunny’s slightly longer one, to Gummy’s plump tale of horror. Each story comes complete with spooky sounds that are guaranteed to send shivers down listeners’ spines, and each is perfect for a spooky night in or a camping trip out in the wild. For the best experience, read the stories aloud. Enjoy, and thanks for reading the stories in Halloween Campfire Stories!


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