In 2016 we decided to expand our business and start creating books. Below you will find our current catalog.

We are proud to offer book design services—covers, book trailers, and formatting help. While we excel at creating engaging children’s book covers, we have a talent for young adult / adult fiction and non-fiction books, as well. We can do the research into whatever genre your book will be cataloged under and make a similar cover design to those topping the sales list. Utilizing common themes of the genre we can develop an eye catching cover to fit any subject, or work with you on realizing any design ideas you may have. We can also come up with something completely unique for your book cover if you prefer to be hands off. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started on a new book cover, book trailer, or need help formatting an existing work.

Monster Book of Jokes
Le Chat Noir: Crooked World
Skeleton in the Closet
Cry Foul
Postcards from Felipe Femur
Felipe Femur
Kitchen Witch
The Monsters Under the Bed
Feast for the Beast