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HTML5 Games

Looking to buy HTML5 games? We sell HTML5 Games for competitive prices. We offer both complete HTML5 games and custom created games. Select from our library of HTML5 games, found under the “HTML5 GAMES” tab above, or contact us to get started on any ideas you may have for a new game. We have years of experience in UI design, game asset creation, and coding. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started on a new HTML5 game project.

Art Assets

We have a healthy collection of visual assets currently created that you can select from and put to work in your game or application project(s). On top of these assets, we can create any unique assets you may need. We specialize in UI design, but can work with you on most any other art you may need. With experience in children’s book illustrations, websites, and games; slot machines; review websites; young adult and adult illustrations for books and book covers, MMO RPG UI work, and much more, there is little we can’t do to suit your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started on a new project or view our current selection of assets.

Book Designs

We are proud to offer book design services—covers, book trailers, and formatting help. While we excel at creating engaging children’s book covers, we have a talent for young adult / adult fiction and non-fiction books, as well. We can do the research into whatever genre your book will be cataloged under and make a similar cover design to those topping the sales list. Utilizing common themes of the genre we can develop an eye catching cover to fit any subject, or work with you on realizing any design ideas you may have. We can also come up with something completely unique for your book cover if you prefer to be hands off. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started on a new book cover, book trailer, or need help formatting an existing work.

The Developer

ZebraFox Games is a two man production team, consisting of Artistic Director/Programmer David Dorn, and Writer/Creative Director Russell Dorn.

 Meet The Team

David Dorn
Artistic Director/Programmer
David has been into art since he could smear pea soup on the canvas of his bib. His performance in a college game design class landed him a job at a slot machine design company, where he specialized in UI design. He’s experienced in digital painting, web design, film, photography, but relies most heavily on his Photoshop skills to create the majority of his work.
Russell Dorn
Creative Director/Writer
Artist, editor, and writer, Russell stands in the pro camp of Oxford comma usage. He is the creative director behind Felipe Femur, the children's book character and website. He began writing in high school, where poetry served as his outlet and has since gravitated towards literary fiction work, short stories with subtle supernatural elements, and the video game work.


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