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A new Felipe Femur game is in the works, Felipe Femur: Choice Scares, this time in the vein of No Proper Thief. The game will be reading based, and not rely as heavily on graphics.

Guide Felipe Femur through three spooky choice-enabled stories. A reading based game for kids and adults, made in cooperation with Choice of Games LLC, that has gif images throughout. Choose from three classes: Fighter, Detective, or Jack of all Trades, buy weapons and ponchos, wage battle on a variety of enemies, and then lead Felipe Femur the introverted skeleton through a carnival, a haunted bathhouse, and through a creepy neighborhood for a night of tick-or-treating. Enjoy three interactive stories in Felipe Femur: Choice Scares. Help Felipe Femur the skeleton make choices and proceed through each nightmare. Explore Carinval Caper, Trick or Shriek, and That Old, Haunted Bathhouse as either a detective, a fighter, or a jack of all trades. Each class allows you to explore stories in a different way. So try all three classes and get exploring!

New Wardrobe

In Felipe Femur: Choice Scares, Felipe will have the choice between three professions, Detective, Fighter, and Jack of all Trades. Before one of these is chosen, Felipe will appear in his base form with a black sombrero and poncho. The detective class was based on the famous Sherlock Homes, the fighter off a lucha libre wrestler, and the Jack of all Trades a construction worker. See below:

Felipe Femur the skeleton


SHERLOCK HOlmes - Detective Felipe Femur


Felipe Femur fighter - lucha libra


Felipe Femur Jack of all trades


Detective: Skilled in uncovering secrets. Wise, cunning, and perceptive in addition to being skilled in talking to people. Asks questions first and fights only as a last resort. The detective class grants increases in the Intelligence, Luck, and Perception stats; and decreases in battle stats such as Attack and Defense.

Fighter: Skilled in combat. Fights and asks questions later… or maybe never. The fighter class grants increases in the battle oriented stats such as Attack and Defense, but also decreases in Speed, Luck, and Perception stats. Has access to Heavy Attack ability.

Jack of All Trades: Master of none. The Jack of All Trades (or rather “Traits”) class grants a complete balance of stats. Where as the Detective and Fighter class are highly skewed to promote different play styles, the Jack of all Trades track allows for the participation in both worlds, without being able to fully excel in either.


Felipe Femur: Choice Scares will be full of enemies that Felipe must fight, argue with, or appease. He’ll also have friends, new and old, to help him along the way. Below are a few of the characters a Felipe will meet on his adventures, including his old friend Runny the Witch, the spirit of Clyde Lamm (appeared in No Proper Thief and will be the main protagonist in the upcoming game, BLAME); Oscar Burlin from Rock, Paper, Wizards!,, and a new friend, Gilli Fishel.

Runny the sniffling witchRUNNY




Screen Shots

Below are a few screen shots from Felipe Femur: Choice scares. The profession selection screen, start of Carnival Caper, Battle system, and exploration features can be seen.

Felipe_Femur_choice_scares_1 Felipe_Femur_choice_scares_2 Felipe_Femur_choice_scares_4 Felipe_Femur_choice_scares_5

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