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Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch Game


Kitchen Witch Game – Help a friendly witch cook up some magical dishes in a timely manner and attempt to become the top chef with high scores. Inspired by the children’s cook book, Kitchen Witch: Halloween Recipes for Kids, Kitchen Witch the game brings the character and Halloween treats to life through interactive media. There are several gruesome looking recipes that Runny the witch needs help assembling, and players do so by selecting parts and dropping the correct ingredients into her magical bubbling cauldron. Each recipe has several selectable pieces floating in bubbles above the witch and players need to select the correct combination to make the unique dishes. Recipes and ingredients include spiders and a plate to make Spider Bites; mummified gingerbread men and bandages to make Yummy Mummies; green frosting, pumpkin decorations, and muffin liners to make Melted Witch Cupcakes; eyeballs and serving dish to make Cheesy Eyeballs; white frosting, a muffin liner, carrots to make the magicians favorite, Rabbit Food Carrot Cakes; as well as a plate, hardboiled eggs, and spiders to make Deviled Spider Eggs. The trick is assembling the dishing before the time runs out. Collect points with each successful recipe and enough points to earn 1, 2, or 3 award stars.

To a witch, cooking is not unlike casting a potion spell. In fact, it’s exactly the same as they use magic to make food. By simply dumping the correct ingredients in their magic slimy cauldron the dishes cook themselves in the boiling green goo of eyeballs, worms, slime, and mystery. Incorrect recipe combinations might spoil the batch and make red splashes, wasting valuable time. This witch is looking for a sous chef though to help around the kitchen. Are you the right apprentice for the job?


• Animated Witch (Runny Rotten)
• Boiling Cauldron (Glow in the Dark Slime, Eyeballs, and Worms)
• Challenging Gameplay
• Leader Board
• Several Cute and Creepy Dishes to Assemble
• Spellbinding Music
• Star Rating System
• Timed Challenge

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