Pacman Pachinko

Pacman Pachinko

We took the original Pacman game and combined it with the Japanese gambling game, Pachinko. The goal of the game is to rack up as many points as you can before all your pacman balls are destroyed.

In 2007, Pacman Pachinko became a featured game on It now has over 1,100 plays and many positive reviews. You can play the game by clicking the play now below.


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“A fresh idea in Pacman cloning! 5/5”

“really fun! Could have been longer tough. 5/5”

“wow,featured and made wit lite!!!!!!!!!”

Great concept! Pac man never look so good. Good work!”

“This is really creative, and I love the music! I like to see old games with a twist. You should make it for a cell phone.”

“Great game! I like the idea of combining different games to make a new one. I myself have been to japan and I’ve seen how big Pachinko is, I must say this is a cool spin off.”








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